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is an easy-to-use Civic Information Platform that gives you insight into your officials, elections, local events, and political news.

Learn About Your Officials

GovSight shows you who all of your elected officials are at the local, state, and federal level, and allows you to view in-depth, up-to-date information about them.

Research Upcoming Elections

GovSight informs you about upcoming elections that you can vote in, lets you research the candidates, tells you if you are registered to vote, and shows you where your voting location is.

Follow and Get Updates

GovSight uses a unique follow-and-submission system that we call "Reports." Users can submit short, precise, and sourced updates about officials and candidates. Once these updates are approved by GovSight, they will appear in your personal feed for the candidates and officials you follow.

News Without Persuasion

GovSight is also a news source, and we take pride in providing our readers and listeners with factual, information-driven, non-sensational news: completely separated from opinion. GovSight News gives you information which allows you to make your own informed decisions.

The Civic Information Platform is launching in segments, called modules, with the news module having been completed in June 2020.

News Module

June 2020

GovSight News articles were migrated from Medium to our domain with this module.

Government and Reports Module

Detailed information about your officials and the ability to make an account will go live with this module, as well as the GovSight Reports functions.

Elections Module

Elections tracking and following will go live with this module.

Events Module

The community Events system will go live with this module.

is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The following is our mission statement:

Data Transparency

GovSight's objective is to provide users with data and allow them to form their own conclusions from it. GovSight collects and displays data with as little bias as possible.

News Without Persuasion

GovSight's goal is to provide clear, concise, and unbiased news about relevant political events accessible to all, with clear divisions between opinions and analysis.

Accessibility for All

GovSight's mission is to make citizenship simplified through providing equal access to information, heightened visibility on all levels of government, and clarified connections betweens people's day-to-day lives and politics.

Bolstered Civic Engagement

GovSight's aim is to help others become more engaged and informed on their government and representatives. In doing so, GovSight hopes to help all people become more active global citizens.

The Team

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Andrew McKinney

Co-President and Director of Development

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Miguel Pineda

Co-President and Director of Business

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Gillian Brassil


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Joe Magliocco

Political Director

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Victoria Garcia

Director of Social Media

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Carolina Gonzalez

Multimedia Director