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6:56 pm EST: Happy Election Night everyone! Thank you so much for tuning into the GovSight live blog, we’re incredibly excited to have you here. I am Joe Magliocco, GovSight’s Political Director. Joining me on this blog tonight are some of the best and brightest that I know. Let’s start off with Oren Oppenheim, who previously worked for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the Philadelphia Inquirer. Up next is Nadya Osman who is currently the Executive Producer at UChicago In the Loop, a weekly civics briefings’ platform. Alongside her is Isabelle Russo, the Editor in Chief of UChicago In the Loop. Our goal is to give you the best up to the minute insight into everything going on across the country until we’ve got a president. - Joe Magliocco

7:00 pm EST: No surprises here, Indiana goes red. Polls closed at 6pm local time. The top left corner of the state is in CST, meaning the rest of the state doesn't get called until then. That’s why other safe states were not called but Indiana was. -Joe Magliocco

7:05 pm EST: Senator Mark Warner won his race in VA. Republicans had hoped it would be close. It was not. -Joe Magliocco

7:31 pm EST: West Virginia may be the biggest Trump win tonight. Not surprisingly, it got called immediately. -Joe Magliocco

7:36 pm EST: Thanks for having me! As we continue to follow results, I wanted to briefly look back at today -- a lot of people were expecting a chaotic, difficult election day, but it seems like in-person voting largely went peacefully today. (This isn’t, of course, to minimize issues with voting access that have plagued this election throughout the year.) -Oren Oppenheim 

7:36 pm EST: Shelly Moore Capito wins reelection to the senate in West Virginia. Not a surprise either. This race was never competitive. -Joe Magliocco

7:37 pm EST: Reportedly, Georgia is keeping polls open for two extra hours due to equipment malfunctions. This will further the wait for one of the key states in this election. - Nadya Osman 

7:38 pm EST: Once a key swing state, Virginia is no longer keeping us up on election night. Goes to Biden early. -Joe Magliocco

7:40 pm EST: Cook County in Chicago, IL is also reportedly keeping polling places open later than expected due to the fact that there are last minute relocations or are running behind schedule. - Nadya Osman

7:46 pm EST: Get ready for 8pm, we may have a good amount of calls. -Joe Magliocco

7:48 pm EST: Indiana Governor was also called a while ago. That race was never close. Republican reelected. -Joe Magliocco

7:52 pm EST: POLITICO reports that Democrat Tim Ryan has held onto his seat in the 13th Congressional district of Ohio. (I still remember when he was a presidential candidate…) -Oren Oppenheim

7:58 pm EST: Trump wins Kentucky and South Carolina. No surprises. -Joe Magliocco

8:00 pm EST: Biden wins Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, and DC. Trump wins Oklahoma. No surprises! -Joe Magliocco

8:02 pm EST: Biden also wins New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, and Rhode Island according to the AP. Alabama and Tennessee go for Trump. Absolutely none of this is a surprise. If either of these flipped, we’d be in for a lot of headaches. Not the case. -Joe Magliocco

8:02 pm EST: Mitch McConnell has been reelected to the US Senate. Amy McGrath, despite all the money, never had much more than an outside shot. -Joe Magliocco

8:05: Republican candidate and incumbent Chris Sununu wins the gubernatorial race in New Hampshire, not surprising there. - Nadya Osman

8:06 pm EST: Not a result, but I'm seeing my former colleagues at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel tweet that Wisconsin’s polls close in one hour. While all eyes were on Pennsylvania the past few days, Wisconsin is definitely a battleground state and faced major confusion with its primaries back in April.

8:07: Cory Booker has won his senate seat reelection pretty easily. He ran for president in the 2020 primaries, yet as we can see his missteps there did not hinder his political momentum in his home state, New Jersey. - Nadya Osman

8:10 pm EST: A barrage of predictable race results coming in: Gov. John Carney (D) wins re-election in Delaware; Bill Hagerty (R) wins U.S. Senate seat in Tennessee; Jack Reed (D) wins re-election for Senate in Rhode Island; Jim Inhofe (R) wins re-election for Senate in Oklahoma; Jeanne Shaheen (D) wins re-election for Senate in New Hampshire. - Nadya Osman

8:20 pm EST: Matt Gaetz (R) has won a House seat in Florida’s 1st District. Gaetz, one of the President’s top supporters in Congress, was never really in any danger of losing his seat. -Nadya Osman

8:24 pm EST: Texas is really interesting with some shifts in demographics. Seeing areas like Collin County, which was so very solid Republican six years ago, is now the home of three competitive races. This area is a suburban county north of Dallas and it is interesting to see how it has changed politically. - Isabelle Russo

8:32 pm EST: In Arkansas: Trump wins the six electoral votes in the state and Tom Cotton (R) also wins re-election to the U.S. Senate. Ever since Clinton, Arkansas has not been close. Cotton didn’t even have a Democratic opponent. - Nadya Osman

8:33 pm EST: This is wild: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that Fulton county, which includes most of Atlanta, will face delays in counting absentee ballots because a water pipe broke in the State Farm Arena, the location where they were being processed. The paper said that no ballots were damaged.  Nadya already mentioned reports of equipment malfunctions earlier this evening. -Oren Oppenheim

8:37 pm EST: It’s important to point out that if Biden loses Florida, it will be in part due to his lack of support among Latino voters. Yet, if he wins Ohio, it will be due to white voters. This is an interesting change (I won’t say shift, because I don’t think this is part of any larger movement) within the Democratic Party. - Nadya Osman  

8:41 pm EST: Phil Scott (R) wins re-election for the Vermont Gubernatorial race. This is not a surprise, as he was a popular incumbent and was largely expected to win. - Nadya Osman

8:52 pm EST: Been a little while since we’ve seen anything interesting. Some more polls will close on the hour… stay tuned. -Joe Magliocco

8:56 pm EST: Ed Markey (D) has won the Massachusetts Senate race. His race earned a lot of national attention after he defeated Rep. Joe Kennedy. - Nadya Osman

9:00 pm EST: Here we go. Biden wins New York and New Mexico. Trump wins Louisiana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Once again, none of these races were on the docket for being competitive. So far, the results that are coming out tonight are ones that are expected. - Nadya Osman

9:03 pm EST: In the Senate: John Cornyn (R) wins in Texas in a race that was never expected to be that competitive. - Nadya Osman

9:04 pm EST: We have our first senate flip of the night! In an expected victory, Sen. Gardner has lost to former Gov. John Hickenlooper. -Joe Magliocco

9:16 pm EST: Biden wins Colorado according to NBC. Early on, Trump actually had hope to win the state, but clearly he didn’t get the outcome he had hoped for. Same goes for New York. - Nadya Osman

9:17 pm EST: Democrats are projected to keep the house according to Fox News. Widely expected! -Joe Magliocco

9:22 pm EST: Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene has won the 14th Congressional District race in Georgia. Greene has faced backlash for promoting the QAnon conspiracy and for previous antisemitic and Islamaphobic statements. -Oren Oppenheim

9:30 pm EST: So Nate Silver just pointed out that if Trump wins Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, there will be a 50% chance he will win the Electoral College. However, he pointed out that if Biden wins Ohio, Trump’s chances of winning the Electoral college go down to 1%. This seems highly relevant with Biden’s current lead in Ohio.

9:32 pm EST: Another high-profile Republican newcomer, Madison Cawthorn, has won his race in North Carolina's 11th Congressional District, according to the AP. This was Mark Meadows' seat before he became chief of staff. At 25 years old, Cawthorn will also be one of the youngest members of Congress. -Oren Oppenheim

9:55 pm EST: According to CBS News, there have been no new undelivered ballots were found in the sweep of South Florida mail facilities. This came from a federal judge's ruling that U.S. postal services must sweep their facilities all across the countries. - Isabelle Russo

10:00 pm EST: Lindsey Graham (R) defeats Jamie Harrison (D) in South Carolina for the Senate seat. This was a highly contested race and drew national attention. Of course, while Graham faced backlash for his wavering support for Trump, he was the incumbent. Any challenge to him, in a predominantly red state, was going to be a tough one. - Nadya Osman

10:17 pm EST: Tommy Tuberville (R) flips the Senate seat in Alabama. Doug Jones, the incumbent who lost, is expected to get a spot in a Biden cabinet. - Nadya Osman

10:37 pm EST: ABC has called New Hampshire for Joe Biden. Hillary barely won there in 2016... I’m surprised they called it so early. -Joe Magliocco

11:00 pm EST: Roger Marshall beat Barbara Boiler in a senate race Democrats had hoped would be very close. In the end, Kansas stayed red. This race would have been interesting if Kris Kobach had been the Republican nominee… but, alas, he was not. Important win for the Republicans in the senate. -Joe Magliocco

11:00 pm EST: Jay Inslee has won another term as Washington Governor. If Joe Biden wins, he may not serve that term. Likely cabinet choice. -Joe Magliocco

11:02 pm EST: California goes to Joe Biden. Donald Trump had joked on Twitter earlier that he could win California, but clearly that was never in play. - Nadya Osman

11:05 pm EST: Fox News has called Florida for Donald Trump. The Trump campaign ran an insane margin in Miami-Dade county winning hispanics, mainly Cubans, back in large numbers. While Biden performed very well in white areas, Trump drove down Democratic margins with Hispanics. Trump wins his home state. -Joe Magliocco

11:05 pm EST: Jeff Merkely won his senate seat in Oregon. Yawn. -Joe Magliocco

11:57 pm EST: NBC has called Ohio for Trump. Early results from mail in voting had Dems incredibly excited, but alas, Ohio is likely less of a bellwether today than Texas. Imagine explaining that to someone in 2012. -Joe Magliocco

12:03 am EST: Happy New Year! Just kidding. More seriously, if you’re still wondering about Wisconsin, journalists from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel are reporting that ballots are continuing to be counted until 5 am (central time), and that the “final unofficial count”--including absentee ballots--may not be ready until sometime on Wednesday. -Oren Oppenheim

12:07 pm EST: Fox News is also projecting that Mark Kelly will defeat Senator Martha McSally to finish the late Senator John McCain’s term. This was an expected result by those following the senate, but still crucial for Dem attempts to take the Senate tonight. -Joe Magliocco

12:08 am EST: The AP has called Hawaii for Biden, giving him four more electoral votes. Hawaii has almost always gone Democrat in presidential races since it became a state in 1959. -Oren Oppenheim

12:17 am EST: AP has called Minnesota for Biden! This is huge for Biden, especially in a state that Trump spent significant time and money in. In the end, Minneapolis and St. Paul urban areas make up the margin on heavy rural Trump support. To win the Hillary states, Biden just needs Nevada. -Joe Magliocco

12:23 am EST: One slight surprise, one not so much. Trump wins Montana. That only went blue in serious Dem blowouts. Trump wins Iowa, considered a slight swing state. However, Joni Ernst, GOP senator from IA has won reelection. In Montana however, the Senate race between Governor Steve Bullock and Senator Steve Daines are still tight, no call yet! -Joe Magliocco

12:44 am EST: In election night remarks given from Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden told supporters (who seemed to mostly be inside cars) that "your patience is commendable... We feel good about where we are--we really do." He called for patience while votes are being counted, but said that he feels confident about Arizona and "real good" about Wisconsin and Michigan. -Oren Oppenheim

1:00 am EST: Polls have closed in Alaska. Actually, all polls in the states are closed. The people have picked their president. Now we wait to find out. -Joe Magliocco

1:10 am EST: The AP has called Texas for Trump, giving him the state’s 38 electoral college votes amidst a nail-biting night. At points, the race for the state tonight seemed to be close. Texas has the second-most electoral college votes out of all the states, behind California’s 55 (already called for Biden). -Oren Oppenheim

1:27 am EST: The tie is dead. Sorry to fans of chaos. Biden won Nebraska CD 2. Huge win for him. If he carries AZ, MI, and WI, he’d be on his way to the White House. No need for PA. This was seen as Biden’s most likely flip. -Joe Magliocco 1:30 am EST: I want to give a huge shoutout to my editor for all of the night until now. Carolina is simply a legend. -Joe Magliocco

1:51 am EST: Democrats' hopes of the senate may have just died in Montana. Popular term-limited governor Steve Bullock has lost to Senator Steve Daines, according to the AP. -Joe Magliocco

2:16 am EST: Folks, I’ve been given my marching orders to go to bed. No idea when we’ll get anything else. Thank you so much for tuning in, likely more tomorrow! -Joe Magliocco

2:54 am EST: Donald Trump just borrowed the language of authoritarian leaders to claim he has won a presidential election he has indeed not won (yet, at least). This is one of the most shameful moments in the history of the American presidency. -Joe Magliocco

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