Growing up in a military family, I have always had a sense of duty to my community instilled in me. When I was in high school, I knew that public service would always be a calling for me. In college, I found a passion in working closely with people through team-building and making sure that a group had everything it needed to work efficiently and without any issues.

When GovSight President Andrew approached me to volunteer in his company as a human resources manager, it felt like a perfect fit for me to gain more experience in a role that I am passionate about as well as to serve something greater than myself. 

A bigger picture

Thanks to a life as a military brat, I have had the great experience of being able to live across most of the continental United States. From Boston to Miami, a stint in Seattle, and everywhere in between, there has been one common theme in all the places I have lived: Community. The social and civic engagement among Americans is something I have always noticed and loved to participate in. GovSight provides a unique service to enhance both, especially for people like myself.

One of the hardest parts about moving with such frequency is knowing who your local leaders are. With GovSight, I would immediately be able to figure out who my officials are and learn more about what they stand for. Very little is more important than who represents you in the government.

A human resources manager has the important job of hiring new personnel, training them, and ensuring that they have a work environment and culture that is both comfortable and motivating. As a human resources manager, I get to meet new people through our hiring process and support a wide variety of team members. 

Do your job

Coaching G.O.A.T. Bill Belichick has made the phrase “Do your job” infamous in the world of professional football. I think it applies perfectly for every citizen in that it should be our jobs to stay informed and to make sure that we have adequate representation in the government that truly reflects the society that we want. 

I am in a position where my passions and experiences provide me with the skills necessary to support a team that wants to change what it takes to be an informed citizen. It is my job as a citizen of the United States to make it the best that it can be. How will you?

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